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The patient is at the center of interest and of the commitment for the Pancreatic Surgery Unit of Pederzoli Hospital; the group has the goal to “combine high quality assistance, rapidity in the diagnostic and therapeutic answer, along with its efficacy”. This is the philosophy behind the innovative project, which led to the creation of a new path for the patient affected by non-operable pancreatic tumor.
In these cases, it is necessary to proceed quickly to the radiological staging of the tumor (C.T. or M.R.I.) and the typing of the neoplasia using Fine-Needle Aspiration (F.N.A.) eco-guided or endoscopic.

The patient presents, however, complex complications like untreated pain, difficulties with the alimentation, loss of weight, heavy psychological breakdowns, and the necessity to have a trust-worthy and safe point of reference during illness. The needs and necessities often do not find an adequate answer in the most common hospital approach, limited to the diagnosis.
Beginning from these necessities, the idea of a path designed to give “rapid and concrete answers” through a multi-disciplinary approach formed.
Our structure is indeed capable of dealing with all of these complications thanks to different specialized doctors of “team pancreas”, such as a Nutritionist, a Pain Therapist, a Gastroenterologist, a Radiologist, an Oncologist, a Diabetes Specialist, a Molecular Pathologist, added to which are a Psycho-oncologist and a Specialized nurse.

The path for a patient affected by a non-operable pancreatic tumor, comprehends a short hospitalization, 3 days long, during which the patient will take:
  1. Radiological Staging (C.T. o M.R.I.),
  2. Echography,
  3. Fine-Needle Aspiration (F.N.A.),
  4. Cytological Diagnosis,
  5. Specialist visits aiming to the resolution of symptoms,
  6. Oncologic visit,
  7. Surgical evaluation and
  8. An interview with the Psycho-oncologist.

At the end of the path, the doctor will write a detailed clinic report and contact the patient’s oncological reference center with which the patient will have a fixed appointment.

In summary, the Pancreatic Surgery Unit of Pederzoli Hospital not only qualifies for its competence and expertise of an excellence center but, also, for the global care of the patient’s issues; “personalization” of the diagnostic-therapeutic path, constant contact with the patient during home therapy through the dedicated nurse, phone availability for the patient and his oncologist back home, substantially attention, not only to the illness, but also for the “ill person”.

The priority given to the biopsy, tend to put the patient’s needs and necessities on a side. The patient is often not correctly informed on the diagnosis and/or conscious of the advanced stage of his condition.

The patient who has pancreatic tumor presents various complications:
−       Pain, uncontrolled and untreated (80% of the patients);
−       Significant weight loss;
−       Difficulties with the alimentation or doubts on what would the best diet be for her or his pathology;
−       Uncompensated diabetes;
−       Digestive disturbs, diarrhea coming from medicine absorption;
−       Anxiety and/or depression, with psychological breakdown;
−       Insomnia;
−       Discomfort for the patient and the family facing an illness defined fatal by all media and by (often) imprecise web searches;
−       This lack of trust in therapies translates into a reduced compliance to the treatment, with a consequent smaller response;
−       It is clear that a few hours long hospitalization cannot adequately deal with these complications.

Moreover, the practical impossibility to establish a personal relation with the patient, in fact, forces the doctor to give information that might have a dramatic impact on the life of the patient and his or her family, sometimes not knowing the emotional and psychological condition in which they are.
Siding all of this, because of the type of tumor, the patient needs a specialized point of reference, trust-worthy for its competence and availability, during the entire course of the illness.
Not all of these needs (which are often a priority for the patient) find an adequate answer in the common Hospital organization.

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