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Our Mission
Usually hospitals and doctors have their only focus on the patient’s disease.

Both, Pancreatic Center and Pederzoli Hospital, instead, pledge to take care of their patients’ full wellbeing.
Our priority is to be a reference point for each patient.

Reassessment Path
A new path has been designed to give rapid and concrete answers through a multi-specialistic approach.

Pancreatic Center and Pederzoli Hospital follow a core mission that does set the patient  as a whole in the spotlight: we are well aware that cancer patients live in a peculiar situation that involves all life aspects:
untreated pain due to cancer and cancer therapy; nutrition issues; weight loss; depression.

It is an innovative project meant to customize a clincal path to cancer patients. On one side, doctors will work on a fast and precise examination of the tumor and its stage. On the other, doctors will focus on the patient’s wellbeing.

Following such premises, the patient will receive:
  • High quality Assistance;
  • Rapidity in the diagnostic-therapeutic action;
  • Efficacy in the answer to the patient.

Pancreas Team
The 360° Path lasts 3 days during which it follows two parallel approaches

1. Diagnosis Approach
The main focus is the tumor itself, and involves:
    1. Radiological Staging (TAC o RM);
    2. Echography;
    3. Fine-Needle Aspiration (FNA);
    4. Cytological Diagnosis;
    5. Specialist visits aiming to the resolution of symptoms;
    6. Oncologic visit;
    7. Surgical valuation;
    8. An interview with the Psycho-oncologist;
    9. Clinical Report. At the end of the path, the professor will write a detailed report;
    10. Contact with the patient. Constant contact with the patient during home therapy through the dedicated nurse. Phone availability for the patient;
    11. Contact with the patient’s oncologist. TEAM PANCREAS is available to stay in contact with the patient’s oncologist.

2. Person Approach
Involves a multi-specialist team that focuses on the patient as a person:
➢ Nutritionist;
➢ Pain Therapist;
➢ gastroenterologist;
➢ Radiologist;
➢ Oncologist;
➢ Diabetes Specialist;
➢ Molecular Pathologist;
➢ Psycho-oncologist;
➢ Specialized nurse – in constant contact with the patient during home therapy.

Great attention not only towards the illness but, also, to the personalization and global management of the patient’s problems in the diagnostic and therapeutic path.

Outcome for the Patient
Through this double approach, the patient will:

1) receive an accurate clinical relation with a customized therapy path;
2) be in constant contact with the Italian team of specialists even once back in their homecountry.

Pancreas Team will also be available to cooperate with the patient’s homeland’s doctors.

This diagnosis is completed with all of the questions a patient has.

After the diagnosis, it will be possible to pass to all the needed surgery.
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