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We work with the World's Best Facilities for Pancreatic Cancer

The Hospital Trust of Verona is very renowned in the Veneto region and nation-wide recognized as a Health Center for its excellent specialities as well as for its research, assistance and training.
The Trust has two hospitals: the Ospedale Civile Maggiore (OCM) in Borgo Trento and the Ospedale Policlinico Giambattista Rossi in Borgo Roma, plus 13 regional reference centers. There, many excellence operations are performed such as transplants, brain surgery, heart surgery, chest surgery, burn center and onco-haematology.

Why Choose AOUI?
The Hospital Trust of Verona offers the main surgery and medical specialities in the operative centers and the diagnosis and cure centers. Hospitalization, speciality wards with visits, exams and lab diagnosis are offered as well. Visits and exams are also available on payment.

Quality Institute
The constant cooperation of the hospital with the university grants life long learning to doctors and operators to higher quality standards.In December 2002 Hospitals the Trust of Verona was ISO 9001:2000 quality certified.
Caring For Patients
Over 5000 people work in the Trust, among these, hospital and university doctors, nurses, sanitary operators, technicians and administration employees. The two hospitals in town offer assistance, hospitalization and emergency wards 24 hours a day to the almost 500 people who daily need it. Every year 60.000 people are hospitalized in the hospitals of the Trust, among these 10.000 come from outer regions and over 3000 from other provinces.
Every day 1300 patients are hospitalized, 400 people are treated in day hospital. Every day 100 surgeon operations are performed, one third of these takes place on a day hospital basis - 3000 people are daily visited in wards. 211 patients are discharged, 34 of these come from other regions than Veneto. 1082 people are daily treated in the emergency ward, 185 people are dialyzed, 12 are hospitalized in intensive therapy, 9 babies are born.

The hospitals are specialized in the organ and tissue transplants, as well as heart, cornea, marrow, lung and liver transplants. The fist kidney transplant was effected in 1968.
The hospital, in cooperation with the Medicine and Surgery University in Verona, offers an ever increasing quality in diagnosis and treatments, as research, as well as innovation and updating, play and important role.

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